Advances in the Roofing Industry



Advances continue to be made in the area of roofing. As builders focus on the primary needs and functions of roofs, more and more products are appearing on the market to fulfill the need. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to:

  • Strengthen roofing materials
  • Protect roofs and associated building equipment from heat
  • Extend the life of roofs
  • Protect roofs from weather damage, water in particular

Metal and flat roofs are both susceptible to normal wear and tear and require regular maintenance by owners to ensure that they are safe and secure throughout their lives.

Roof Coatings


The use of heat reflective coatings and paintings continue to improve and extend the life of a multitude of building materials including roofs and sidewalks. These coatings are used to:

  • Act as a sealant against weather damage
  • Prevent the development of fungi and mold
  • Substantially extend the life of the material
  • Reflect UV rays that lead to high electricity costs

One of the great benefits of these products is that they are available in coatings and sprays and can be applied quickly and with a minimal work crew.



As long as there remains asbestos in buildings, this service will continue to thrive. Due to its hazardous nature it’s critical that technology in this area continues to evolve and improve. Current methods of encapsulation and removal are big improvements over past methods but still can be cumbersome and costly for both the asbestos removal companies, and the businesses and individuals that have to pay for the services.

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